Your Hormone Assessment Scores

Here are your Hormone assessment scores. They are divided into 3 categories: Testosterone, Cortisol, and Thyroid. Your score indicate how HRT can help us alleviate your symptoms.

A cumulative score of 10 (ten) or higher within any single category suggest you may benefit from further testing and treatment.


Score - {Testosterone Result:85}
Optimal below
Testosterone and other Androgens are the group of sex hormones that give men their 'male' characteristics. Androgen deficiency can cause difficulty losing weight and gaining muscle, trouble with memory and concentration, lowered energy and drive, and worsened mood and overall wellbeing. Treatment involves restoring your testosterone levels to their optimal levels through Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).


Score - {Cortisol Result:86}
Optimal below 10
Cortisol is known as the stress hormone. It is possible to have both an excess and deficiency in Cortisol. This means during times of stress your cortisol is too high, and the rest of the time your cortisol is too low. Excess Cortisol can cause weight gain, muscle weakness, severe fatigue, and irritability. Deficient Cortisol can cause weakness, fatigue and low blood pressure. Cortisol levels can be regulated through Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), helping to alleviate your symptoms.


Score - {Thyroid Result:87}
Optimal below 10
The thyroid regulates the energy production and the metabolism of every cell in the body. Men with thyroid dysfunction may have many varied symptoms including feeling tired, foggy brain, anxiety, depression, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, lower testosterone levels, loss of muscle mass and strength and weight gain. Low thyroid levels can be treated by taking bio-identical thyroid hormones.

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