Clearwater Testosterone is composed of 100% bioidentical ingredients. Unlike synthetic testosterone, which differs significantly from the testosterone naturally produced by your body, bioidentical testosterone closely mimics your body’s natural hormone composition. This makes it the safest and most natural option for hormone replacement therapy.

Benefits to bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

  • Increased Energy

  • Decreased Visceral Fat

  • Improved Mood

  • Less Stress

  • Better Memory

  • Improved Focus

  • Increased Lean Muscle

  • Better Sleep

Aging is certain, but feeling old is your choice.

As men get older, their testosterone levels naturally decline, leading to various aging-related symptoms. However, these symptoms can be alleviated and even reversed through Bioidentical Testosterone Therapy.

Traditional hormone clinics may demand upwards of $1000 for the initial consultation, but we offer equally attentive care and cost-effective bioidentical treatment. Don’t continue to experience the undesirable effects of aging.

Starting at $135/month*

Testosterone Cream

  • Our bioidentical testosterone is applied topically to the groin area twice daily.
  • This formulation facilitates easier conversion to testosterone’s active form, DHT, and enhances overall cholesterol levels.
  • Please refrain from using Lipoderm cream if your partner is pregnant, attempting to conceive, or breastfeeding, as there is a risk of unintentional exposure.

*The mentioned price covers the average starting dose and includes the medical monitoring fee.

Starting at $99/month*

Testosterone Injections

  • Our bioidentical testosterone is administered through daily injections in the thigh or upper arm.
  • Utilizing a small, subcutaneous needle, the process is virtually painless.
  • Daily injections ensure stable testosterone levels and prevent the fluctuations commonly seen with weekly or biweekly injections.

*The mentioned price covers the average starting dose and includes the medical monitoring fee.

What outcomes can I anticipate from testosterone treatment?

  • Due to the controlled nature of testosterone, a video consultation with a medical provider is mandatory before prescribing this hormone.
  • While many men start experiencing benefits in as little as two weeks, it may take several months to achieve optimal results.
  • Typically, alongside testosterone replacement therapy, thyroid medication will also be prescribed to maximize the treatment’s effectiveness.
  • You have the freedom to schedule a video consultation with your provider at any point during the treatment, and these consultations are covered by the monthly medical monitoring fee.
  • Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) patients will receive a symptoms questionnaire every two months to assess the need for dosage adjustments to ensure the best results. Most men may require dosage increases, which can impact the medication’s cost.

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